AISCAT - Associazione Italiana Società Concessionarie Autostrade e Trafori


AISCAT – Associazione Italiana Società Concessionarie Autostrade e Trafori – groups 23 Licensees that manage approx. 5,700 km of motorway. Promotes the development and infrastructure modernisation of Italy to guarantee the best quality ans safety results.

Actions for the campaign

The collaboration to the initiative by the Association will be divided into three macro-activities:

  • - spreading through the communication channels of the association (web site, publications, events, etc. );
  • - institutional support, by promoting the campaign at the Bodies/Organizations in the sector;
  • - scientific/technological support, providing contributions to the campaign website also through articles and specific notes.


ASTM S.p.A. SIAS S.p.A. ASTM S.p.A. SIAS S.p.A. see detail >>
Cisa Autocamionale della Cisa S.p.A. see detail >>
Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Motorway see detail >>
Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. see detail >>
ATIVA Torino Ivrea Motorway - Valle d'Aosta – ATIVA S.p.A. see detail >>
ats Torino-Savona S.p.A Motorway see detail >>
SATAP Torino-Milano e Torino-Piacenza Motorways – SATAP S.p.A. see detail >>
Gruppo SINA: SINA Group: SINA S.p.A., SINECO S.p.A., CIV S.p.A., LIRA S.p.A. see detail >>
SALT Società Autostrade Liguri e Toscane – SALT p.A. see detail >>
SAV Società Autostrade Valdostane – SAV S.p.A. see detail >>
SITAF Società Italiana Traforo Autostradale del Frejus – SITAF S.p.A. see detail >>
SITRASB Società Italiana Traforo del Gran San Bernardo – SITRASB S.p.A. see detail >>