Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici


The higher Council of public works is the top State technical advisory body which is guaranteed the independence of judgment and evaluation; it has functional, organizational and technical-scientific autonomy. The higher Council carries out the advisory functions in favour of the State administrations and, where required, with any other competent administration to the implementation of public works. The consultative activities take place within the framework of the meetings of the General Assembly and of the five sections, divided by materials and tasks. Among these, the V Section is responsible for road infrastructure, railway and airport.

Actions for the campaign

Within the V section of CSLLPP has been established the Permanent Commission for tunnels which is amongst the promoters of this campaign. Some of the persons in charge of the Senior Council of public works, the sponsoring institution of this initiative, have helped to promote the campaign, providing their own technical and operational contribution.


ASTM S.p.A. SIAS S.p.A. ASTM S.p.A. SIAS S.p.A. see detail >>
Cisa Autocamionale della Cisa S.p.A. see detail >>
Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Motorway see detail >>
Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. see detail >>
ATIVA Torino Ivrea Motorway - Valle d'Aosta – ATIVA S.p.A. see detail >>
ats Torino-Savona S.p.A Motorway see detail >>
SATAP Torino-Milano e Torino-Piacenza Motorways – SATAP S.p.A. see detail >>
Gruppo SINA: SINA Group: SINA S.p.A., SINECO S.p.A., CIV S.p.A., LIRA S.p.A. see detail >>
SALT Società Autostrade Liguri e Toscane – SALT p.A. see detail >>
SAV Società Autostrade Valdostane – SAV S.p.A. see detail >>
SITAF Società Italiana Traforo Autostradale del Frejus – SITAF S.p.A. see detail >>
SITRASB Società Italiana Traforo del Gran San Bernardo – SITRASB S.p.A. see detail >>