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The Traffic Police is a specialty of the State Police and is mainly involved in the strategic sector of the control and regulation of mobility on the road. Its tasks are identified in article 11 of the road code that foresees, among other things, the prevention of the accident incidence, the investigation of violations, the detection of road accidents. Under the profile of communication, as well as being part of CCISS, organises and participates in campaigns to raise the citizens’ awareness on the issues of road safety. The Ministry of the Interior makes use of the Road Police Service to provide guidelines to all police forces for the accomplishment of traffic police services. The director of the Road Police Service presides over Viabilità Italia, the national coordination center in the field of road conditions.

Actions for the campaign

The Traffic Police is among the promoters of this campaign. Some of the technical and operational managers of the Road Police service helped to devise and promote the initiative. The Road Police service contributes with scientific contents to the campaign and supports the divulgation also in electronic format of the messages of legality and safety. The ASTM-SIAS group has asked the patronage for the initiative.


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