University of Pisa – Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pisa was born under the law n.856, June 22, 1913, collecting a long tradition of engineering firms, developed in Pisa. From the initial degree that could be achieved in Civil Engineering, the Faculty, in line with the technological development and the needs of the times, by gradually activating many Degree Courses in Industrial Engineering and Information engineering, until reaching the current educational offering that consists of 13 three year undergraduate courses and 17 two-year graduate courses.

Actions for the campaign

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pisa, contributes to the scientific content of the campaign contained on the website of the campaign. It will also implement the dissemination of messages of road legality amongst the students of the Faculty who, by age groups, are a particularly interesting population to raise awareness about road safety issues. The Council of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa, with act no. 85 of 23/06/2011 granted the patronage of the Faculty to the ASTM-SIAS motorway Group for the implementation of the initiative.


ASTM S.p.A. SIAS S.p.A. ASTM S.p.A. SIAS S.p.A. see detail >>
Cisa Autocamionale della Cisa S.p.A. see detail >>
Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. Motorway see detail >>
Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. see detail >>
ATIVA Torino Ivrea Motorway - Valle d'Aosta – ATIVA S.p.A. see detail >>
ats Torino-Savona S.p.A Motorway see detail >>
SATAP Torino-Milano e Torino-Piacenza Motorways – SATAP S.p.A. see detail >>
Gruppo SINA: SINA Group: SINA S.p.A., SINECO S.p.A., CIV S.p.A., LIRA S.p.A. see detail >>
SALT Società Autostrade Liguri e Toscane – SALT p.A. see detail >>
SAV Società Autostrade Valdostane – SAV S.p.A. see detail >>
SITAF Società Italiana Traforo Autostradale del Frejus – SITAF S.p.A. see detail >>
SITRASB Società Italiana Traforo del Gran San Bernardo – SITRASB S.p.A. see detail >>